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  • Va-et-vient at Chants-de-vielles !

    Chants-de-vielles, St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada , Canada

    We are so pleased to be performing at our favorite trad festival!  The town of St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu is given over to this festival for a long weekend every year, with workshops for musicians and dancers Thursday and Friday, then the crowds turn up, many with tents and campers in tow.  We will be opening Friday evening's festivities in the Scène Yves Steinmetz from 6:00 to 6:45, and a good time will be had by all!

    Et encore de retour à Middlebury College !

    We will perform again for the École Française, where all the immersion students are ready to join us for the réponses !  This concert is free, but no English may be spoken, alors venez nous trouver dans le Château, en français !

    Va-et-vient returns for the Westport Summer Concert Series at Ballard Park

    Summer Concert Series at Ballard Park Ballard Park, Westport, NY, United States

    Come join us in lovely Ballard Park, in the middle of Westport, NY, with your picnic gear and blanket or chairs, where the weather will no doubt be impeccable.  Dance fans, come down and sit in front if you'd care for a waltz or two-step!  It's a free concert, thanks to the wonderful organizers, so please join us!

    Va-et-vient joins the Cabot Arts Summer Music Series 2024

    Village Common, Cabot, VT Village Common, Cabot, VT, United States

    This wonderful Summer Music Series produced by Cabot Arts happens on the Cabot Village Common.  Concerts are free to the public, and you know we'll expect you to chantez avec nous !  Bring a lawn chair, a picnic basket, and ten of your best friends!  Rain site will be available.  Check out their website for all the fabulous acts filling the summer: https://www.cabotarts.org/summer-music-series

    Va-et-vient de retour à la Résidence à Otter Creek!

    The Residence at Otter Creek 350 Lodge Road, Middlebury, VT, United States

    We're always tickled to play at the Residence in Middlebury, so please come join us for another free concert, in their spacious but cozy salon.  The public is always bienvenue along with the residents, and we love to hear all those responses on our traditional songs--a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

    Va-et-vient concert at The Tillerman in Bristol, VT

    The Tillerman 1868 N. 116 Road, Bristol, VT, United States

    We are so pleased to be performing again locally!  Restaurateurs Kate and Jason are ready to welcome you to a free evening of music.  As they say, "This free community event happens every Wednesday throughout the summer and into early fall. We set up an outdoor kitchen where we sell food & drinks, separate from the restaurant.  If you want to dine at the restaurant, please make a reservation here.    *MUSIC with Va-et-vient from 5:00-6:30pm & The Albany Sound (Michael Chorney, Lowell Thompson, Pat Melvin, Jeremy Frederick from 7:00-9:00pm.       *FOOD from 5:00-8:00 pm :  no reservations!  Tacos, Read More